Cor Leonis meets Robert Rodriguez at Google Hangout film premiere + Runner-up entry for “Project Green Screen”

Robert Rodriguez, Cor Leonis (bottom left) and other fans on  Google Hangout for the online premiere of TWO SCOOPS sponsored by Studio Gawker.


Cor had the chance to discuss with the cult film director about his experience in collaborating with the audience on this project

and how it could influence his movie projects in the future.

Cor Leonis was also a RUNNER UP in Robert’s collaborative and creative

“Project Green Screen” sponsored by Blackberry!

Check out Cor’s whacky weapon idea and design below :



for more on this Keep Moving project and to watch the short film TWO SCOOPS, head here :

Two Scoops weapon ideas and monster design

Two Scoops weapon designs and monster concept

Whacky weapon ideas tweeted and weaponized.

Two Scoops monster concept sketches

Submitted to Robert Rodriguez’s Keep Moving Project (with BlackBerry 10), ProjectGreenScreen, 2013.

Artist interview in March 2013 issue of ImagineFX

ImagineFX-2013-03-107web2Interview for ImagineFX magazine on the pros of android technology for digital artists.


Screenshots of custom homescreen setups of a rooted+ overclocked Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 running the slick jelly bean ROM Cyanogenmod 10 (with up to 7 screens).

Screenshots :



Superhero character concept design

Superhero character concept design

Creator-owned design, all rights reserved © Cor Leonis Studio, 2012. Contact :

[PSYKIK Re-design]

Plasma android female character design

Creator-owned design, all rights reserved © Cor Leonis Studio, 2012. Contact :

Creator-owned design, all rights reserved © Cor Leonis Studio, 2012. Contact :

Plasma android design sheet / comic style version.

Plasma android design sheet / comic style version.

Indian Warrior female character design

Indian Warrior fantasy female design by Cor Leonis

Creator-owned design, all rights reserved © Cor Leonis Studio, 2012. Contact :

Reptilian CyberSniper creature design

Reptilian CyberSniper creature design by Cor Leonis

Creator-owned design, all rights reserved © Cor Leonis Studio, 2012. Contact :

Cor Leonis : at the crossroads of the worlds

Exhibition of digital art prints gets spotlight in Quebec City’s newspaper LE SOLEIL.

(translated from french, link to original article below)

Josianne Desloges, special collaboration, Le Soleil, May 14, 2011.

Androïde poster

Exhibition poster.

(Quebec) Cor Leonis presents his exhibition of digital art prints as an amalgam of traditional and digital art, of man and machine, of raw matter with the digital. Androïde is also a hybrid body of work, inspired by american comic books , japanese anime, video games and the music scene.

“I find it interesting to be in Quebec, even if the market for what I do is not very developed here yet, because we’re kind of at a crossroads between Europe, the United States and Asia, “says the artist, who has projects with the Phylactère library and Morgan Bridge gallery.

Catchy, his style can easily be grafted to other artistic disciplines. The artist has collaborated with numerous music groups (it has clicked, it seems, with the trio Yelle, who was in Quebec two weeks ago) and cartoonists, with the avowed purpose of making himself known, of making his mark and eventually to fund projects “closer to fine art”, but always from outside the official circuits… Diving into laborious grant applications, very little for him.

Behind Cor Leonis, there is Pierre-Luc Therrien. “In Latin, Cor Leonis means the ”Lion’s heart” and is  the brightest star in the Leo constellation. In addition, I was born on the eighth day of the eighth month in 1980″ says the artist, who is certainly at the crossroads of the worlds, between visual arts and graphic arts, between art and .. . army.

“I was preparing an exhibition for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City at the military armory just before there was the fire,” said the former infantry officer. He finally exhibited discreetly at the Gérard Morisset pavillion of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and at the George-V Place.

His exhibition Androïde continues at Le Temps Partiel (698, rue d’Aiguillon, Quebec) throughout the month of May.

Original article in Quebec city’s journal LE SOLEIL (in french) : Cor Leonis : À la croisée des mondes

Featured artist interview on and the creation of “PSYKIK”

Talenthouse featured artist : Cor Leonis

Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane’s 2011 “Superhero creation” competition organized in collaboration with Talenthouse attracted thousands of artists from all around the world. Cor Leonis introduced his character “PSYKIK” who ended up in the TOP 50 most voted entries online. Cor was the ONLY participating artist to be featured on the website at the time.